With Veterans Day right around the corner, if you are looking to give a perfect gift to a veteran in your life, or you are a veteran looking to expand your off-road toy collection, then what the city of Beverly, Massachusetts is doing deserves some attention. 

The city is auctioning off two used military vehicles just prior to Veterans Day. “Both vehicles would make wonderful gifts for the veteran in your life,” the city stated in a press release.

One of the vehicles will be very familiar to people; the other one not so much, as its service life ended a long time ago. 

“[A hundred percent] of the proceeds from the auctions goes back to Beverly,” the city added. “These funds are used for road maintenance, setting up local events for residents, community programs, public safety initiatives, and more.”

Mule vehicle with 106mm rifle
A vintage Mule with a 106mm recoilless rifle and ammunition attached. (Wikimedia Commons)

The news media site MassLive.com was the first to run the story.

The city of Beverly is a suburb of Boston along what is known as the North Shore. It was originally part of the town of Salem, Massachusetts.

Beverly claims that it is “the birthplace of the United States Navy.” The first ship commissioned for the U.S. military was commissioned by the U.S. Army (the U.S. Navy didn’t yet exist). It was the armed schooner USS Hannah under the command of Captain Nicholson Broughton. It was outfitted at Glover’s Wharf and first sailed from Beverly Harbor on September 5, 1775.