In a harrowing account following her release from Hamas captivity, Israeli national Yocheved Lifshitz narrated her kidnapping experience during the attack on Israel on October 7, which she described as a hellish ordeal.
The 85-year-old grandmother was among two hostages set free by Hamas on Monday. Lifshitz shared her distressing story of being abducted from her residence in Nir Oz’s kibbutz and her subsequent journey to Gaza, during which she endured physical abuse resulting in bruises.

The militants forced her to traverse wet terrain, leading her into an intricate underground tunnel network resembling a spiderweb, where individuals proclaiming their faith in the Quran assured her of no harm. Her daughter, Sharone Lifshitz, relayed her mother’s account to the media outside a Tel Aviv hospital on Tuesday, labeling the tunnels a “massive network.”

Initially, Lifshitz was placed with 25 other captives but was later segregated into a smaller group of five, all from her kibbutz. They slept on tunnel floors, shared meals with Hamas fighters, and had regular medical check-ups during confinement.