This month’s cartoon features our venerable power-house writer Alex “A-Blast” Hollings at the office. Alex has been successfully working from home for a number of years now, writing for several imminent organizations and routinely embraces the luxury of not being required to wear pants at his place of employment.

This is the first in a series of cartoons titled “Go Ask Alex… When He’s Ten Feet Tall” that are planned to feature A-Blast in his home office environment cranking out essays, protecting his dominion from his creepy neighbors, and engaging in his extensive array of eclectic hobbies and interests.

Alex is an aficionado of the occult and supernatural as well as the extraterrestrial realm where astronomy and the pursuit of evidence of intelligent life meet. Alex boasts formidable mechanical prowess, as well as mad skills as an accomplished Messerschmidt. Yours truly was blessed with an instance of Alex’s personal handmade cutlery — it truly IS the sharpest Ginsu in the drawer.

Writer Alex Hollings during an informal interview by his fictional neighbor Kent.

By Almighty God and with honor,
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