Reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorable” comments when she referred to supporters of then candidate Donald Trump, MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance — and self-appointed counter-terrorism, cryptology, intelligence, interrogation and linguistics expert — has stated that all military persons that support the President are “not honorable.”

As a retired Senior Chief (E-8), Airborne Mission Supervisor, cryptologist (Arabic) and SPECWAR operative I have given (as most of the naval cryptologic community has) retired Senior Chief Malcolm Nance a wide berth. Bottom line: he left the Naval Security Group in disgrace and we (our professional communities and associations) generally have a good laugh at his self-promotion, exaggeration of performance and associations, and his pretense of expertise.

The proverbial “eye roll” precedes any response we give when asked about his exploits. He has been declared persona non grata (PNG) from his profession, and then presumes to question service members’ honor based on a vote and lawful support for a candidate (now President). Nance, in fact, called for ISIS to bomb Trump Towers in Istanbul following President Trump’s call to Turkish President Erdogan after his reelection; Nance deleted that tweet but did not apologize, according to the Washington Times.

My first experience with then-Chief (E-7) Nance came soon after Desert Storm. If memory serves, it was late 1992 or 1993 and I was on the mid-watch at the Naval Reconnaissance Support Activity (NRSA) in Rota, Spain. I received a phone call early in the morning — it was my Commanding Officer (CO). Having recently been meritoriously promoted via the Command Advancement Program (CAP) to Petty Officer Second Class (E-5) from our Det Jeddah EA-3B missions during that original Gulf war, I nearly spilled my coffee thinking that my CO had changed his mind. Then he said distinctly (imagine the caller in his best southern Georgia draw):

“Petty Office Morlock, do you recognize my voice?”

I replied in the affirmative.

“Open up the log book and write this down verbatim,” he said. “Chief Petty Officer Malcolm Nance is persona non grata in our spaces. You may remove him by force… now read that back to me.” After complying, my CO said good night. I did not know, nor had I heard of Malcolm Nance, but was bitterly disappointed that I did not see a uniform with that name tag on it during my watch.

NRSA was absorbed into the Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) in Rota as the Air shop. As detachments/deployments would begin to increase in support of the Bosnia and Herzegovina, there was little mention of Chief Nance. The last scuttlebutt I heard was that he was soon fired as Chief of the NSGA sub shop for poor performance. Though I did not try to access his FITREPS for this article, one major issue that his junior sailors had when asked by Nance’s superiors was his propensity to submit himself for personal awards and exaggerate his accomplishments while ignoring his juniors. An interesting consistency. At this point, I had no reason or inclination to concern myself with Nance.