Israel is currently facing its biggest security challenge since the Yom Kippur War. Ironically, on the 50th anniversary of the war, Hamas and various Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Iranian-linked groups conducted a bold, brutal, and calculated terrorist attack against Israel’s southern regions.

The attacks’ death toll is staggering, with hundreds killed, most civilians. Thousands of rockets were launched in one day, and several potential fronts could open against Israel.

Akin to the 1948, 1967, and 1973 war, Israel is now in an existential moment. Along with a declaration of war not seen in 50 years, Israeli intelligence services will question how Iranian-affiliated groups were able to conduct the most sophisticated terror operation the world has seen since the 9/11 attacks.

The Ongoing Massacres

On October 7th, Hamas, using various methods such as paragliding and hitting critical points of the Israeli border, stormed the Israeli city of Sderot and other villages, massacring every civilian they could find. As of writing this article, Israel’s ministry has confirmed at least the deaths of at least 700 citizens, the overwhelming majority being civilians.

Hundreds of Hamas reinforcements poured into the country, capturing an abundance of Israeli Defense Forces hardware and taking an abundance of civilian and military hostages. Some women have been filmed naked and paraded around, while others show signs of sexual assault.

Despite the counterattacks on Gaza and other fronts in Lebanon and Syria, some militants still hold key points in Israel proper. All available reserves have been mobilized, including those who initially participated in the judicial reform protests.

Israeli civilians who were executed by Hamas fighters, via MSN

An Attack Like This Takes Several Months to Plan

The infiltration of Israel by IRGC-backed groups is by far the most sophisticated caught-off-guard operation the world has seen since the September 11th attacks—eclipsing ISIS’ surprise offensive on Mosul in 2014. To bolster militants along the borders and coordinate processes with other affiliated groups, it would have to take several months, if not a year, to prepare for such a brazen attack.