America Arms Terrorists

I remember slapping both hands to my face in disgust, listening to members of Congress in 2011 speak up about arming the rebels in Syria.

These “rebels” they were speaking of were terrorists with connections to ISIS.

I was watching our elected leadership hit a new low and then start to hand out jackhammers to dig deeper!

America tried arming terrorists before against the Soviets in Afghanistan, and that produced Bin Laden and a massive terrorist infrastructure that came to light in September 2001.

How’d that work out for us?

The same career politicians sit in their ivory towers and decide what’s best for getting themselves re-elected. They don’t make tough decisions regarding what’s best for America.

That’s how we have ended up where we are today, with more enemies today than we had pre-9/11 and a foreign policy plan that resembles a pile of rubble in the Gaza trip.

Remember when Clinton (HRC) decided to support the overthrow of Libya‘s leader? How’d that work out?