As a former Navy SEAL sniper it’s hard for me to watch action movies. I count rounds in gun magazines, watch people sweep each other with guns (you’re out of the SEAL Teams for this alone), and see people yelling at each other on targets whereas they should be silent or whispering into squad radio headsets.

HOWdamnfreakingever, the Bond movies have something magical about them that has me letting all that slip by.

No Time to Die actually had pretty decent tactics and the weapons were insanely well done.

“Eric, let’s go see the new Bond flick, dude!”

Vaccine cards in hand, my Navy SEAL buddy, and heterosexual life-mate (joking not joking) Eric Davis was in the city, and last night we bromanced out and saw No Time to Die in a crowded New York theater.

“Damn that was good…” said Eric when the curtain came down.

I have to agree with him.

I’ve been a fan of the James Bond franchise since I can remember and No Time to Die was one of the best modern Bond movies in years.