Ever been punched in the nose eye-watering hard? I have, and it’s no fun.

In SEAL combat training, we fight differently, and there’s no “tapping out”.

In the gritty arena of real-world combat, where the unpolished edges of street brawls cut through the facades of Silicon Valley, Elon Musk stands as a testament to the harsh laws of physics and the survival instincts honed on the sun-baked streets of South Africa. It’s here, in the land, where he came of age among the dust and danger of ZA.

Musk learned the kind of lessons that can’t be downloaded or coded into existence, or in Zuck’s case, learned in his garage or the confines of competition.

Mark Zuckerberg, a titan in his own right, is a master of algorithms and social domains, but my money is on Elon in a cage fight. Where only the rawest form of human strength and cunning claim victory.

Musk, with the scent of Johannesburg still lingering in his memory, knows the taste of blood and the sting of a fist to the face. He’s felt the bone-jarring shock of real street fighting as an awkward, smart nerd in ZA, where there are no tap-outs, no referees, and the only rule is survival. Africa style.

In a street fight, there’s a currency of grit that’s more valuable than stock options and Musk carries that currency in spades. It’s one bred in the veld, not the Valley or Harvard Square.

Musk is a physical savage and I can see this clearly and I think Joe Rogan sees it too.