Hey everybody,  we want to thank you for your kind words regarding Chris. As journalists, we’re trying to deal with the personal emotions while also providing good information about Chris to our audience, all without appearing to self-promote. I hope we achieve that. Chris deserves all that we can do to present his life for the true patriot that he was.

When the bad news hits, it hits hard, and I’m sure some of you have noticed that in our website performance since last night. Today we’re working to keep the websites up, and tonight we’re making big changes to the hosting of the SOFREP network that should enable us to better handle these traffic surges. You may notice some downtime later today but hopefully that will be trivial.

Finally, on commenting – no commenting system is perfect and ours certainly has its good and bad points (but nobody says anything about the good stuff, now do they!). I know there are issues with the ‘Show 50 More’ button, and there’s no easy way to wade through hundreds of comments, and there are some weirdnesses in the way comments update. I’ll probably ask for your opinions on this in a formal survey before making any changes. For now, please know that it’s not just ‘on my list’, but it’s actually a real priority for us to resolve.

Finally, I want to thank you for joining the Team Room and for helping us to create such a great community. It means a lot to us that you’re here, and that you come to us for the information that we provide.