Ah, the ubiquitous donut. The guilty pleasure is, at the same time, the most reviled snack by doctors and professional trainers because of its extreme fat content and beloved by people everywhere because, let’s face it, it tastes so damned good.

Donuts in some form or another have been around forever. Archaeologists have dug up fossilized bits of what look like donuts in prehistoric Native American settlements. But what we now know as the “donut” or “doughnuts” (if you prefer) reportedly came to the New World in Manhattan (then still New Amsterdam) under the Dutch name of olykoeks — “oily cakes.”

But did you know that the first donut with a hole was invented in New England, by a ship’s captain and his mother?

The legend has it that a woman named Elizabeth Gregory used to make those delicious little “fat-bombs” for her son, a ship’s captain named Hanson Gregory of Rockport, Maine.