Team Room: You’ve been reading Mike Perry’s excellent SOF history posts on SOFREP since he wrote about the British SAS and the Iranian Embassy siege. Mike’s first book, Hammer of the Gods, is available now on Amazon. Recently, Mike has been pounding the keys on his next book, A Touch of War, and asked us to present the first chapter here to y’all. So, without further ado…

Chapter 1

Washington D.C.
4:27 A.M
May 14th

Blueness flashed and blurred through the silent streaks of rain as the wind curved them into jagged lines down the centuries old windowpane. They pooled and simmered upon the sill, then sprayed off to drown in the flooded greenery. Lightning split the sky again, reaching over the cities expanse, vanishing into a deep bellow, rolling as a wave back through the window to rattle the floor beneath him.

A thought echoed. Someone’s coming…No…It’s alright.

His eye struggled under the weight of its lid trying to follow shadows swooning within the dizzy night.

Another flash shot through the window.

Hands clapped his ears. Thunder roared over the ceiling. The bed stand shook. A shiver raced across his shoulders, then down into his spine. He felt  the cool of sweat. Too much, too damn much. He grimaced, pitching over to face the clock telling under the lamp. He watched the pale greenness of numbers change and accepted surrender. He swore something red also blinked, yet its reason escaped. Sleep began its reclaim. Calm embraced him.