Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi released a new audio recording this week calling on all Muslims to carry out jihad against the kufar, or non-believers. The Telegram message was released on the holiday of Eid al-Adha and called for attacks on Western nations from the Middle East. This is the first recording since last September claimed by the Islamic State. Baghdadi said in the recording that, “Those who forget their religion, patience, jihad against their enemies, and their certainty in the creator’s promise lose and are disgraced. But when they hold on to it, they are mighty and victorious, even if after a certain time.”

The Islamic State took over large portions of Iraq and Syria in 2014 under Baghdadi‘s leadership and declared the claimed territory to belong to the one true “caliphate.” This did not go well for them as the world came together and in unison crushed ISIS in a few years time. Baghdadi said that the “caliphate will remain, God willing,” in his delusionally optimistic message to his followers. Experts have not been able to ascertain when the recording was made but the cleric criticized a $100 million pledge by Saudi Arabia to rebuild Syria that took place last week. He threatened both Russia and the United States with “horrors” to come in a typical terrorist declaration.

Baghdadi was declared deceased on more than one occasion, however, officials maintain that he is alive and in hiding in Syria near the Iraqi border somewhere. Experts believe he keeps a trusted staff with him as he remains mobile. The United States has $25 million dollar bounty open on Baghdadi and he has earned the title of “most wanted man on the planet.” He is the most sought-after terrorist, after the deceased Osama bin Laden. No doubt the world will continue to hunt Baghdadi down until he meets an end similar to all of America’s greatest enemies.