The Allegations

Chief Special Warfare Operator Bryce Henson, a former Marine now serving as a Navy SEAL, is currently under investigation for alleged connections with extremist groups, including the Proud Boys. This investigation follows reports of his participation in various protests and public meetings across Southern California, where he has been accused of propagating anti-LGBTQ+ views. Operating under the alias “Ben Richards,” Henson has been a visible figure in these events,  supposedly often seen in the company of Proud Boy members. Ben Richards was the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the 1987 film The Running Man.

Navy spokesman Cmdr. Ben Tisdale has confirmed this investigation, emphasizing that while Navy personnel are free to exercise their rights to free speech and assembly, involvement with hate groups is against Navy core values and is strictly prohibited.

This stance aligns with the Pentagon’s updated guidelines from December 2021, which detail prohibited activities for service members and categorize advocating for widespread unlawful discrimination, including that based on gender identity or sexual orientation, as extremist activity.