Update 9:22 AM 9/24/16: It appears that four people died when the shooting first began and a 5th victim that was critically wounded died of his injuries at the hospital. Police are still searching for the shooter.

Update 1:55 AM 9/24/16: AP is now reporting 3 people killed and one critically injured. The shooting occurred in Macy’s. Police have cleared 2/3 of the mall and a police officer on scene said it is approximately 434,000 square feet of space to clear. Shooter is still unaccounted for.

Update 12:53AM 9/24/16: Here is an image of the suspected shooter. No other leads yet.

Four people are reported to have been shot and killed at a shopping mall in Burlington, Washington (65 miles north of Seattle). Police are still actively looking for the shooter(s).

More to follow.

Image courtesy of Twitter