Update: 23:22 EST: Port Authority stated they have not found any evidence of an active shooter at this time. No injuries have been reported and the investigation is ongoing.

Update 22:45 EST: Force 12 Media CEO, Brandon Webb arrived at JFK while the active shooter situation was still occurring. The police gave an “all clear” and he was attempting to get his luggage when police on scene reported gun shots and an active shooter at the terminal.  He said police seemed to be confused about the situation and were trying to funnel people into rooms without exits. Brandon and a few others managed to evacuate onto the tarmac and jumped the barbed wire fence to get out of the immediate area. More to follow on his experience tomorrow.

There are reports of an active shooter at JFK airport. Shots were supposedly fired near terminal eight or passport control. There are very few details about the active shooter situation at this time other than police are still looking for the shooter(s). More information to follow.

Social Media Live Feed of JFK Airport:

Image courtesy of @locodoggy/Twitter

Editor’s note: a change was made to reflect that on scene police reported gunfire and an active shooter.