Admiral McRaven is undeniably one of the greatest military leaders of our generation. For those that don’t know, he planned the UBL hit while at JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command). He’s one of a handful of top Commanders that have lived through the modern day Department of Defense (DOD) transformation into a Special Operations centric military.

I had the honor of serving under his command at SEAL Team 3 in Coronado, and ran into him at an obscure DC function a few years ago. Love him or like him, he’s one of the few top commanders who’s been able to successfully navigate the politics of Washington, and the Obama administration. Many people have been critical of him for this however, I think it’s a neccessary tactic in an overall strategy of improving Warfighter capabilities, and resources available.

Enjoy his speech below, it’s history in the making.

Brandon Webb, Editor-in-Chief