The Afghani Air Force conducted a targeted strike on a madrassa in Taliban territory in Northeast Afghanistan, in the Kunduz Province. Current news reports are circulating of over 50 killed and 150 wounded, though the reports have been particularly conflicting as time goes on — this has sparked international outrage, as many of the victims included children. The UN has expressed deep concern on what appears to be an attack that was initially reported as an enemy stronghold, and then turned out to be a religious school, or a madrassa — though those things are not always mutually exclusive in Afghanistan. Exactly how many of the casualties were civilians and how many were members of the Taliban is not yet known, though the Afghan government has conceded that civilians were killed.

Mohammad Radmanish, deputy spokesman for the defense ministry, said that 18 senior Taliban personnel perished in the strike, along with 17 other members of the Taliban. He would insist that the people treated on the ground had sustained injuries from bullets, not from an airstrike, and that he believes the Taliban to have fired on civilians to make the Afghani government appear culpable. The Taliban responded by insisting that the air strikes had mostly hit children.