With the collapse of Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan refugees have been moved to the United States and placed on eight military bases while awaiting the decision on their fate. In total, there are about 53,000 Afghan refugees on bases across the United States, and on some bases, they face significant difficulties.

On Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, the refugees are facing a lack of food, clothing, and heat. The cool fall nights make it more uncomfortable for the refugees. Fort McCoy can handle up to 13,000 refugees; right now, it has about 12,500.

There have been reports of Afghans waiting in line for six hours for food only to eventually find out that there is no more food available. There is also a lack of clean clothes. One of the refugees told a reporter from the Wisconsin State Journal that she is still wearing the same clothes she had on when she left Kabul’s airport, including the same set of underwear.

Fort McCoy clothes donations supplies Afghans
Donations for clothes and supplies for the Afghans at Fort McCoy. (U.S. Army)

Afghan men housed at the base have also been part of the problem. Many of them are former members of the U.S.-trained Afghan National Army and have been harassing women and skipping people in the food lines.