With new tasks at hand, new tactics needed to be implemented. The Eastern border area was named Operation Hurricane. Eventually, the whole country would be divided into their own Operational Commands. As the Terrs moved into Northern Mozambique, intelligence was vital to stopping them cold. A difficult prospect, as the Tete province in the northwest part of Mozambique offered several natural routes of infiltration. SB in the area around Mt. Darwin and Centennary region in the northeast of Rhodesia started to brainstorm and offer up solutions to the intelligence problem.

Infiltrating an all-black area with white soldiers posed an obvious problem of appearance. Fortunately, the SB collected captured Terrs and several of them went to work for the Rhodesians. Loyalty was the initial worry for SB and the Army. Over the years, more often than not, the captured men proved to be very reliable in working against their former comrades.

This is a subject that is often perplexing to the modern mind in our GWOT. To find a Jihadist that is willing to turn to the infidel’s side and go into a war zone is a gem. Some believe that it is the religious nature of the Jihadist’s cause that prevents more of them from turning. In the Bush War, it was political ideology and capturing wealth that was the basis for war. The Selous Scouts and the SB were ever increasingly adept at plying the Psychological Warfare trade as well.

The SB developed a tried and true method of vetting a possible candidate for Pseudo Operations. Insurgents captured on the field of battle were immediately turned over to SB and Military Intelligence. They were whisked away from the battlefield and the harsh living conditions of the bush, which would be a shock to the system. Any type of wound was cared for just as well as any member of the Rhodesian Forces. Contrary to what they had been taught, they were surprised and relieved that they were not summarily shot. Going from the poverty of the Bush Camps to a first world environment caused the captured Terr to reassess his situation. The first person to visit them would be a proven Turned/Tamed Terrorist or TT. This man would lay out the situation to the prisoner. He could remain loyal to his Communist cause and be tried by a court of law and hung from the gallows or he could join the Rhodesian cause. Along with a much higher rate of pay, their family could be taken care of and they would also be working with some of their former Comrades. To motivate the men to work diligently and hard, a bounty was offered for each Terr that was killed or captured. Money is a universal language spoken across cultures.