He wears a large hefty beard, camouflage pants, M Frame sunglasses and a popular but controversial (read: edgy) veteran t-shirt.  His Instagram is no doubt littered with pictures of him traipsing through the woods in pristine combat wear, toting a rifle, decked out with an optic that costs more than the computer I am typing on. His Facebook is rife with memes telling everyone how he’s the craziest motherf***er on the planet; he calls himself a sheepdog.

He is the Tactical LARPer.

Some of things are simply fashion trends. The beard will likely lose its popularity as people will begin to long for the old days of classy veterans that do not wear their veteran status on their chin — and then people will mock the beard in an edgy way, perhaps calling it a product of the neanderthals or just plain uncivilized. Then it will eventually swing back, away from the clean-cut sterility of the military to the gritty, masculine beard. Back and forth, as trends go.

What is a LARPer? LARPers are Live Action Role Players. They’ve been known to wear wizard hats, firing imaginary lightning bolts into their enemies. They don capes and wield plastic swords, fighting their rival factions.  They often meet up on college campuses, parks or other public areas and have at it.  Faction fights faction as adults play pretend on an epic scale, and they’ve been doing it for years.