Feature image was taken by the author; USAF Rockwell International B-1 Lancer Long-Range Supersonic heavy bomber

Dedication of this article goes to NEWSREP Sister Mic-Mac; all the best in the coming weeks

Surely you remember 9/11… After all, it WAS in all the papers, you know. Many people like to remember where they were when certain events happened. My earliest such recollection was when I was a young kid and POTUS John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Oh, how miffed I was at the interruption of my cartoons with: “This is a special announcement. Your regularly scheduled program will be returned at the end of this special announcement.”

I watched and listened to the special announcement, bellyaching loudly for the duration.

“Hush now… the man just died!” lamented and warned my mother. I just didn’t get it… was too young.

I remember when Lady Dianna died and the special announcement came over my TV screen. I had been watching Saturday Night Live (SNL) at the time and as God is my witness I thought the announcement was part of the procession of prank skits that emanated from that program. I howled with laughter as the news preached of the death of Diana… up until the point that I realized the “skit” was not actually a skit at all, and Lady Di was truly deceased.