Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the most transformative technology of our time. It has the potential to drive breakthroughs in medical research, education, space exploration, and, yes, black drone swarm death machines.

Yet AI still needs people to train it, teach it, and improve it, but the genie, many genies, are out of the bottle on AI.

Remember that young kid that Zuckerberg snatched up?

Project Maven is an algorithmic system that uses machine learning to identify objects in drone video footage. It provides a saving grace for America’s military by reducing the number of hours they need to spend analyzing drone video footage by 95%. Project Maven promises to do more than this too.

What Is Project Maven?

Project Maven is an initiative with the US Department of Defense (DOD) to develop algorithmic software that the military can use to analyze drone video footage.  The various drones employed by the U.S. take hours and hours of video footage on each mission that then becomes hours and hours of humans trying to process and analyze that footage, Project Maven aims to assist in the analysis of this footage to one-quarter of the time it now takes.

The idea behind Project Maven is to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify objects in these videos that it can then flag for a human analyst to have a look at.

What nobody is talking about is how this tech can be used for drone offensive warfare and the consequences of AI and drone warfare gone wild within the Department of Defense?  The DoD says that drones will never operate independently of human operators that make the actual decision on whether ordnance is released on a target. Presumably, this is due to a certain distrust in the decision-making process robots might use to determine whether to unleash a missile on it and create a human chain of accountability when an error occurs.

Enter the Black Swarm…

This type of drone is in the shape of a fish, designed to be hard to spot on radar. The fish-shaped design is also more aerodynamic than traditional drones, making it easier for these drones to fly low and fast. Black swarm drones are equipped with cameras that allow them to fly at night without being spotted by infrared sensors.