The United States conducted an airstrike on February 17 on an al-Shabaab compound in Somalia. The official statement from AFRICOM didn’t report on any casualties but did state that no civilians were injured in the airstrike. 

However, the Horn of Africa Observer (HAO) reported that three al-Shabab members were killed in the U.S. airstrike. The airstrike comes days after what the HAO reported as a U.S military plane air-dropping leaflets with a wanted American citizen who has joined the terror group. According to the leaflets seen in Diinsoor town of the Bay region, the U.S. promised a $5 million bounty on information leading to the arrest of an American citizen Jehad Serwan Mostafa.

Despite the ongoing reporting of operations in the Sahel region, this was the fifth airstrike by the U.S. on the al-Shabab terror group in February. The terrorists of al-Shabab are aligned with al-Qaeda and claimed responsibility for an early January attack in Kenya that killed three Americans and damaged or destroyed several aircraft