“The Air Force’s projected force structure in 2030 is not capable of fighting and winning against [an] array of potential adversary capabilities,” according to the newly released unclassified version of the Air Force’s Air Superiority 2030 Flight Plan.

The document, developed during a yearlong study “by an enterprise capability collaboration team [ECCT] composed of Air Force operators, acquirers and analysts, says that to achieve air superiority in 2030 and beyond, the Air Force needs to develop a family of capabilities that operate in and across the air, space and cyberspace domains, including both stand-off and stand-in forces,” according to an accompanying Air Force press release.

“After 25 years of being the only great power out there, we’re returning to a world of great power competition,” said Lt. Gen. Mike Holmes, the Air Force deputy chief of staff for strategic plans and requirements. “We need to develop coordinated solutions that bring air, space, cyber, the electronic environment and surface capabilities together to solve our problems.”

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Image courtesy of US Air Force