Imagine this: A UFO filled with baffled aliens floating above Earth in 2024.

They’ve been watching us with their advanced-looking devices, and if they had eyeballs, they’d be rolling them hard into the backs of their green heads.

Their first point of confusion? Maybe it’s Trump’s hair or America’s current leader reading from the Teleprompter jacked up on his amphetamines like Hitler, or it could be that Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin are now BFFs ( best friends forever).

If you’re thinking, “That sounds like the new plot of Team America part 2: World Gone to Hell,” you’re not far off.

Except this isn’t satire. It’s just another day on Earth.

The aliens have been scratching their bulbous heads, trying to understand why we humans are still stuck in the ancient pastime of killing each other.

It’s 2024, and frack me, for Zog’s sake!

You’d think we’d be more focused on, oh, I don’t know, colonizing Mars, getting the planet healthy, curing diseases, or at least figuring out how to make a decent cup of coffee on those godforsaken Keurigs. But nope, we’re all still playing Risk with real lives and real countries.