Maria Aline Griffith’s life is the stuff of movies. She was a well-educated and striking fashion model from New York. During World War II she was recruited by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and sent to neutral Spain, a country rife with Nazi sympathizers and spies. Her mission was to gather as much information as possible to aid in the Allied invasion of France. 

After the war, she married a Spanish count and became a member of the Spanish “jet-set.” Her friends included leaders of state and first ladies, industrialists, millionaires, and movie stars. Later, she did contract work for the CIA and wrote several books, some of which recounting her career in espionage. She died in 2017 at the age of 94. 

To the Service of the Country

Aline Griffith was born in Pearl River, Rockland County, NY in 1923. She grew up in a comfortably middle-class home. She graduated from the College of Mount St. Vincent with a degree in literature, history, and journalism. Slim, with striking good looks, Griffith was hired as a model in Manhattan by Hattie Carnegie.

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, her brothers enlisted in the military. Despite being busy with modeling, Griffith wanted to somehow help in the war effort.