While Al-Qaeda Prime lurks in their caves in Afghanistan, triangular-shaped compounds in Pakistan, and bombed out buildings in Syria, the Alt-Qaeda camp had their meeting this week at the Turkish Presidential palace.  It was the perfect storm for the Alt-Qaeda movement.  The non-autonomous biological entity known as The Lohan shook hands with the Neo-Ottoman empire’s hopeful next emperor, Turkish president Recep Erdogan.  Joining them was seven-year-old Bana, the girl used by so-called “anti-Assad” rebels to try to dupe the west into thinking that al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra fighters in Aleppo were the good guys via social media melodrama and chicanery.

That’s right folks.  This is no less than four separate SOFREP stories colliding with one another in an awesome wave of crypto-Jihadi bullshit. The Alt-Qaeda game was strong at the Presidential palace this week, but they’ll have to try harder to pass muster, at least as long as I’m around.

Not so long ago I wrote about how Jihadi groups in Syria do their best to appear secular so that they can maintain access to CIA funding and weapons.  I also pointed out how there is a constellation of western journalists and think tank fellows, like Alt-Qaeda frontman Charles “Jihad” Lister, who provide academic top cover for these Jihadi groups.


I also pointed out how western audiences are exposed to Al Qaeda propaganda originating from Syria, and gleefully propagated by major news networks with zero fact checking.  Poor Bana is just a little girl who should be playing on the playground with her friends rather than having gone through such an awful ordeal while she was in Aleppo.  Sadly, her family, and who knows who else used her as a meme in a very cynical agenda to white-wash who the rebels in Aleppo really were, and what they represented.