Amazon Studios has recently released the latest trailer for the upcoming “Jack Ryan” series; the first season will be eight episodes long, following the CIA analyst who historically gets caught up in terror plots and volatile, complex geopolitical conflicts. John Krasinski, of “the Office,” “13 Hours,” and most recently, “A Quiet Place,” will star as Jack Ryan, and he follows a long line of actors who have played Tom Clancy’s most prolific protagonist — Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine have all stepped into Ryan’s shoes in their respective era, akin to the various actors playing James Bond.

To contrast the previous Jack Ryan films, Amazon’s upcoming series is not directly based off of Clancy’s novels. This is a reboot set in the present day, with present day situations happening around the world. Clancy-character based novels are still being released, and many of those recent books star the old Jack Ryan (as well as his son, Jack Ryan Jr.) — some of the newest ones include “Line of Sight,” “Power and Empire” and “Point of Contact.” These books are written by other authors, as Clancy died in 2013.

As far as Amazon’s series goes, not much has been revealed regarding the storyline itself. It seems Ryan, the hardworking, diligent and capable CIA analyst, is getting called in for his expertise on a certain subject matter — a person of interest — and will get roped into a bigger conflict than he expected, as Jack Ryan always does. While some conflicts in the previous films surrounded the conflict with Russia or the cartels in Colombia, this series seems to at least begin and focus on the various crises throughout the Middle East.

The official Amazon summary reads as follows: