In a world cascading with complexities and unpredictabilities, a sinister shadow lurks ominously over the United States, threatening the bedrock of its national security.

Our nation has never been more susceptible to a major terrorist attack since the terrorists attacked America on September 11th, 2001.

These attacks reshaped many lives, including my own, as I was deployed with SEAL Team 3 and would miss the birth of my son Hunter.

I feel like I am waiting for an attack to come at any moment.

This is a harsh revelation, steeped in the turbulent waters of a medically incompetent President, international conflict in Ukraine and Israel with China lurking in the background, and our own political infighting.

We appear close to WWIII, which is shocking for me to even type out in full. Western leadership appears lost in the labyrinth of unpredictability and incompetence, especially in America. Hell, we can’t even stop fighting long enough to elect a Speaker of the House. Our political system and participants more mimic an MTV reality show than it does a professional organization that represents the people.

In a landscape strewn with fragments of turmoil and conflict, the stance of some towards Israel paints a perplexing portrait. Israel is a fortress of democracy in a tumultuous region, an ally that has weathered the sands of conflict and adversity.