American drones hit al-Shabab members for the fourth time in just over a week as the latest airstrike took out four suspected terrorists in the Somali town of  Gandarshe, on Saturday. And on Monday an airstrike in the Somali town of Qunyo Barrow killed an al-Shabab member on Thursday and another terrorist and wounded two others. 

U.S. Army Brigadier General Miguel Castellanos, U.S. Africa Command’s (AFRICOM) Deputy Director of Operations, spoke to the American Military News and said that “as al-Shabaab seeks to terrorize the citizens of Somalia, we remain committed in our efforts to assist the Federal Government of Somalia.”

Castellanos added, “Al Shabab is a common enemy. These airstrikes continue to degrade al-Shabaab and support international efforts to bring enhanced security and stability to the region.” AFRICOM was quick to point out that no civilian casualties resulted from these latest drone strikes. 

The U.S. is stepping up the drone attacks on al-Shabaab in 2020 after the terror group has increased its attacks on villages, government installations, and civilian targets.