Copy Cat

Sometimes war is a complicated thing.

I reported on SOFREP a while back on the US supplying Mi-27 Russian helicopters to the Ukrainians to use against the Russians. Today I’m talking about American Built RPG-7s, supplied to Ukraine from the US and supposedly being used to take out Russian Equipment. “But,” you say, scratching your head, “everyone knows that RPGs are Russian-designed weapons; what the hell are you talking about?”

Read on and allow me to explain.

A Ukraine National Guard soldier gripping an American-made RPG-7 clone. Image Credit:

When is an RPG-7 Not an RPG-7?

Answer: When it’s a PSRL-1, made in the USA. It is a Precision Shoulder-fired Rocket Launcher, and we ripped the idea for this right out of the back catalog of tried and true Soviet-era weapons and Americanized the hell out of it. Since 1961, more than 9 million RPG-7s have been made, making it the most produced anti-armor weapon ever.