Sequitur to a recent NEWSREP article detailing the deep, dark web is this event relative to the potential danger of a presence in the dark web, where the propensity for misconduct can spike.

Politically prominent Jeremy Ryan vied and failed twice to gain the Republican nomination for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s position in Washington. The somewhat eccentric Ryan appears in the feature image in his typical fashion: sporting unruly whiskers, sloppy dress, and capped with a straw fedora.

To further coax the odd image he is known for, he could be seen meandering Washington aboard a Segway vehicle during momentous events. For his profile, he was awarded the epithet “Segway Jeremy”.

Tourists profit from the use of Segway vehicles in their travels; remember these?

Thirty-year-old Jeremy Ryan was recently arrested for his participation in an FBI sting operation involving an agent posing on a dark website selling various illicit substances which included a yet unnamed radioactive substance.

The dark web can be described as an “underground” network that resides apart from the global Internet that most citizens and consumers today know. Largely unregulated, it is a haven for boundless illicit and immoral activities. While termed as needing special software to access the dark web, it should be noted that the “special software” is also very readily available on the Internet proper.

Communication between the FBI’s dark web mole and Jeremy revealed that Ryan’s intent was to purchase and use the radioactive substance to murder an unnamed adversary. His aim was to secure a substance that was rare enough to render effects to his victim that would not be readily identified during a post-mortem autopsy.

Jeremy Ryan paid a Bitcoin equivalent of ~$500.00 for his deadly radioactive source.

Keeping the source of the radioactive material secret leads to some speculation as to its strength (activity) and method of imparting mortal damage to the human body. A radiation source that renders damage by way of transfer of particulates — such as Plutonium’s alpha particles — would only have to come in light contact with a human to render life-threatening damage over an unspecified period of time.

99.9% pure weapons-grade Plutonium-239; weight is 11.5 lbs and size is 4.5” diameter. The ring configuration aids greatly in reducing the propensity for the criticality of the mass.

An alternate example is an X-ray and gamma-ray emitter such as Cobalt-60. Using a source of conducive strength, Jeremy’s victim would not even have to come in physical contact with the source, rather only be in proximity to the source for a period of time.

A configuration of Cobalt-60 in use for its gamma-ray emission used to irradiate cancerous tumors in afflicted patients.

An account of attempted murder using a strong gamma-ray emitting source took place in a Department of Energy (DOE) office environment where an employee attempted to murder a co-worker using a powerful gamma-emitting radioactive source placed overhead in the drop ceiling of his target. Over a period of time, the victim fell seriously ill. His diagnosis revealed that he had a near fatal decline of his white blood cell count (WBC), an affliction that tipped his physicians to the possibility of radiation poisoning. A subsequent survey of the patient’s office with a radiac meter revealed the presence of the hidden gamma source in the ceiling overhead.

Jeremy Ryan is a smart and creative man who took a great risk and got stung. The charges against him are formidable to the tune of at least attempted premeditated murder. Even a very intelligent person is not immune to the occasional bad decision. In Jeremy’s case, his decision was his “segue” to prison.

By Almighty God and with honor,

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Author’s note: Dedication for this work goes to NEWSREP’s Mason.