Professional jealousy and the literary clickbait version of a drive-by shooting are a big reason many reporters in the mainstream media are squatting to pee on Tucker rather than focusing on the fact he got access, at great personal risk, and some insightful feedback from Putin himself.

Did Putin grandstand and twist facts to support his cause? Yes, but spend some time in Washington, D.C., and you’ll see the same behavior and worse in today’s embarrassing trashscape of American politics.

Eleven Years of SOFREP

It’s been eleven years since I started SOFREP. What started out as a Special Operations culture blog took a sharp turn toward news when our writers kept seeing large news outlets get so many things wrong with what our military was doing overseas.

Along the way, we’ve worked with many different large news organizations (Fox, CNN, New York Times, Business Insider, Newsweek, and more), some helpful, some not-so-helpful relationships. One constant that always lurked in the background was a clear animosity toward the SOFREP editorial team.

Some news teams just wanted our sources or to use us as a source and not share the byline. Just getting them to put a link to our site was like asking a five-year-old bully to share his candy.

Truth as the First Casualty of Journalism

In modern American news, it’s a war for views, in dog-eat-dog newsrooms, and often, important facts and truth are swapped out for overly dramatic sensationalism, often written by twenty-something lambkins with very little life experience and maybe one Cancun stamp in their passport.

Then there’s the bubble-headed, bleached-blond tv reporters who will tell you about the drone strike in Gaza with a gleam in their eye… as Don Henley famously sang in, Dirty Laundry.

How did the coverage of Tucker Carlson’s interview of Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, play out this week?