The headstone for the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle has been in the works for quite some time, leaving many who visited his grave over the past few years to wonder when it would finally be completed. The wait is finally over, as the monument was unveiled this past week at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, Texas during a small ceremony with friends and family. The headstone was designed by his wife Taya and their two children, and includes their hand prints, a Navy SEAL trident, and a sculpture of Chris. The stone itself is over six feet tall and made of a rich black and green granite. Gilbert Beall, the artist who created Chris Kyle’s headstone, was interviewed by a local news station:

It can take a family several years to decide what they want on a monument and to decide how it will look. In Kyle’s case, Taya Kyle and Beall met shortly after Kyle was killed to begin working on his monument.

Beall said right away, Taya knew she wanted to use emerald pearl granite, a green granite that can appear black depending on the time of the day.

Initially, they discussed doing a three-dimensional bronze cast of Taya’s hands, her son’s hands and her daughter’s hands on Taya’s side of the marker. However, ultimately they decided to do an inlay of the three sets of hands, “so people can walk up and put their hands on her hands,” said Beall.