As the investigation into the man responsible for killing five innocent people in the Fort Lauderdale airport Friday continues, a more complete picture of Esteban Santiago is starting to take shape, and to be honest, it’s beginning to sound like a familiar story – but not the one that’s getting the brunt of the media attention.

Such was the case in 2012, when Eddie Ray Routh, a Marine veteran, shot and killed legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle along with his close friend, Chad Littlefield at a gun range.  The two had offered to take him out shooting to help with what his family feared was ‘Post Traumatic Stress.’  We’ll be hearing more in the news in the weeks to come about Santiago’s military experience, including his deployment to Iraq, and almost certainly, his defense attorneys will attempt to blame this shooting, like Routh’s, on the mental effects of deploying to a war zone.