Good journalism is a sadly a thing of the past. A shift in balance and power has occurred in the digital era, and the main stream media (MSM), including outlets like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, don’t want to talk about it. They are invoking the 5th Amendment. Editorial departments are becoming a slave to advertising dollars and political bias.

Independent investigative journalism has become a lost art, and when it creeps up, it’s often quickly dismissed under the guise of tin foil hat-like conspiracy.  Benghazi is a perfect example of how the main stream media has, on epic proportions, failed the American public with their weak and biased reporting. Glenn Greenwald, famous for reporting on the NSA and Snowden, recently pointed this out.

A Bad Title

Jack Murphy, and I were not happy with our editor’s decision to throw “Definitive Report” onto our Benghazi book. “How can we honestly called this a definitive work when there’s so many unanswered questions,” Jack said to me in a private phone conversation. I agreed but told him we were at the mercy of Harper Collins on this one. We were both unhappy about it, and over a year later we are shocked that this book has indeed become “definitive” by default. Nobody else bothered to show up.


The lack of coverage by the Left, who left it alone (at first) as a hat tip to the Obama administration, is just as bad as the right, who latched on to anything (Gunships overhead and all) that would paint Obama in a bad light. And now what? For lack of a better term, it’s become (what we in the military call) a complete shit show in the media. It’s so bad that I don’t even pay attention anymore. The MSM’s continued epic fail on Benghazi is akin to the popular song Karma Police by Radio Head.

Karma police, arrest these men
They talk in bias
They buzz like a fridge
They’re like a detuned radio

-Manipulated lyrics from Radio Head’s “Karma Police”

Former Guardian journalist, Glenn Greenwald, who published the leaks of National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, recently spoke out on this very issue, but it’s largely fallen on deaf ears. Americans have never been so polarized and manipulated by media and the government. The information trough has never been more cancerous. It’s the age of “Super Size Me” in the media.