The way we elect our officials is like two cavemen drawing hunting plans in the dirt. We are in dire need of election reform.

America’s election process is morally and technologically outdated, and we should call on the veterans serving in office, and those running, to fix it now. Why? Because they have the leadership skills and fortitude to do so.

Morally Bankrupt

Congressmen and Senators pull big tech in front of cameras to testify about monopolies while the Republicans and Democrats enjoy a monopoly on the election process. They draw strange borders around districts in towns and counties to control voters and secure their base. It’s time to turn the cameras on them and ask the tough questions.

Solution: Eliminate Gerry Mandering.

US 2016 Elections Results. Image; New York Times

The rich elite controls the process and “pick” their candidates according to who takes care of their personal interests. If you’ve watched the show “Yellowstone” with Kevin Costner (a great show), you can see how this works at the state level. They form and fund super PACs (Political Action Committee) to maneuver around campaign finance laws.

A PAC can viciously attack rival candidates with anonymity with no personal accountability.

In the campaign of 1872, a group of wealthy New York Democrats pledged $10,000 each to pay for the costs of promoting the election. On the Republican side, one Ulysses S. Grant supporter alone contributed one-fourth of the total finances. One historian said that never before was a candidate under such a great obligation to men of wealth. Vote buying and voter coercion were common in this era. After more standardized ballots were introduced, these practices continued, applying methods such as requiring voters to use carbon paper to record their vote publicly in order to be paid. -Wiki post on campaign reforms

In simple terms, the rich on both sides fuel the campaign war machine that funnels $100s of millions to candidates, and in a Presidential race today, it’s the bigger war chest that usually (not always) wins. It’s how you end up with the American version of the British Royals (e.g., Bush, Kennedy, and Clinton families).