The Navy will be reissuing former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s DD214. The motivations for the new DD214 are unknown at this time, but it is assumed that the inquiry is the result of the recent controversy surrounding the inconsistencies with his awards and medal count.

According to an anonymous NSW source,

The Navy is reissuing Chris Kyle’s DD-214 and it will show that he has one Silver Star and four Bronze Stars with “V” device. The Navy says it conducted a thorough investigation and checked with Navy Special Warfare, the Navy awards board, and Navy Personnel Command — nobody could locate records of a second silver star or the fifth Bronze Star with “V.”

Scott McEwen, co-author of American Sniper, stated,

I have been presented with no information that in any way questions the valor or medal count of my friend and American Hero, Chris Kyle.  I grow tired of the constant attacks on his reputation, and question the motivation of those making the attacks.

I have another question to be asked and answered: how many American Warriors are alive today because of Chris Kyle? That is a number I would love to see.  I can guarantee it is in the 100’s.  It is far more important than medal counts.

I stand by him, and those that fought and died with him, and could care less than he did what medals were presented, retracted or calculated, or the motivation for the decisions from “the head shed.” Chris Kyle was and always will be my friend, a Patriot and an American Hero.  I defy anyone to argue otherwise.

Regardless if he is short a silver star or a fifth bronze star with “V”, he was and still is an American hero and former Navy SEAL sniper that served his country. His teammates knew that they could always count on him, no matter what. Brandon Webb, his friend and former Navy SEAL, said it best,