An American Fighting for Ukraine

An American veteran actively engaged in combat in Ukraine has revealed that his unit shows a preference for Soviet-era AK-74 rifles over contemporary Western models due to the easier accessibility of ammunition, often sourced from Russian forces.

Jonathan Poquette, who serves as a sniper in Ukraine, explained that his unit favors the AK-74, which uses 5.45×39mm cartridges because both Ukrainian and Russian forces commonly use this ammunition.

Poquette noted that:

“Our unit specifically opts for the AK-74 because it’s widely available among Ukrainian and Russian troops.”

He further mentioned that these bullets are frequently found at Ukrainian military sites since many Ukrainian soldiers are equipped with this type of rifle. Given Ukraine’s historical ties with Soviet weaponry, these older models are prevalent throughout the country.

Poquette highlighted the tactical advantage of using Russian ammunition:

“If you raid a Russian position needing to replenish supplies, you’re likely to find 5.45 ammo there.”