William Smith, the actor who carved out a long film career playing muscled-up tough guys, passed away recently on July 5 at the age of 88. For older viewers or hardcore lovers of action films, Smith was a fixture on the silver screen. He amassed nearly 300 film and television acting credits and played in two of the most memorable fight scenes of all time.

Fans of Clint Eastwood will remember William Smith for his role as Jack Wilson, the bare-knuckles brawler, who has a marathon knock-down, drag-out fistfight with Eastwood across Wyoming in the Eastwood classic Any Which Way You Can. 

In the cult classic Red Dawn, William Smith played the brutal Soviet colonel. In the very first miniseries ever shown on network television, Rich Man, Poor Man Smith played the eccentric killer Anthony Falconetti. That role was Smith’s favorite. He also played the father of Conan the Barbarian (Arnold Schwartzenegger).