The booby-trapped body of a man captured and killed by jihadists last week exploded when relatives tried to bury it, killing 17 individuals and injuring many others.

It’s thought the citizen went to find grass for his cattle in a forest outside of Diankabou in Koro, located in the Mopti region of Mali. He never returned. Youssouf Aya, a national assembly representative for Koro, told the North South Journal“He was shot dead by unidentified gunmen.”

Authorities discovered his body last Tuesday. The assumption is jihadists rigged his corpse with an improvised explosive device, and when relatives moved the body into the grave, the device detonated.

Booby-trapped corpse in Mali kills 17, injures others
Islamic State member

This attack is the first of its kind in Mali, but radical militants in neighboring Burkina Faso used an identical method. They rigged a body draped in military fatigues with explosives. Upon detonation, the blast murdered two law enforcement officers and an army doctor.