A recent New York Post article, about accused Nashville Bomber Anthony Quinn Warner, contained an AP photo that appears to show the remains of the RV he allegedly used in the Nashville explosion. We’ve done a close-up examination of that photo and found some other things as well.

AP photo by Mark Humphrey

First, the photo above shows that most of the street debris, present in earlier photos, has been removed.

Several men are digging in a shallow crater about six feet wide and 18 inches deep. One fireman is holding a broom, another, wearing tactical headgear is digging inside the small crater. A third, in tactical headgear, is holding an ax with a yellow fiberglass handle. A man in hazmat gear is to their left. Four other men, two with “ATF” prints on their blue helmets’ sides, are standing by as well.

We believe that they are excavating the small crater in search of remains of the explosive device used in the bombing. The men in the tactical gear are likely FBI or ATF Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists.