The Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick may have stirred some controversy, but when you break down the demographics and their markets it isn’t nearly a controversial business decision as many have made it out to be. This was a no risk-free marketing campaign for Nike, regardless of the negative backlash, and here is why.

Nike is a global apparel company worth over $130 billion in market cap with markets all over the world. Nike is also one of the planet’s most recognizable brands with the memorable “Just Do It” slogan recognized worldwide. It also has powerful celebrity athlete endorsements, notably by Lebron James and Serena Williams.

Recently Nike has received a lot of backlash, especially from more conservative-leaning Americans who feel that their latest ad campaign to celebrate their 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign is improper. The ad has had media buzzing about whether or not it was the correct choice, considering the expected controversy. The ad has, because of its political undertones, given this commercial a lot of free publicity, but there are some questions which need to be addressed on both sides of the debate.

Why did Nike decided to do this? Given that they surely would have known about the large backlash from the polarizing debate about whether “taking a knee” before an NFL game is appropriate to display your First Amendment rights?