Last week the E.U. summit ended on a high note, producing an agreement that was going to put an end to the refugee crisis that has been rocking the EU. Today, the rejection of the deal by Horst Seehofer, Interior minister of Germany and leader of CSU (Christian Social Union), as inadequate, sends political shockwaves across Europe.

Mr. Seehofer requested chancellor Merkel to find a solution to the problem through a deal with other E.U. members, that would put a stop to asylum seekers’ free movement in the E.U. Otherwise, he was going to instruct the police to turn people away at the borders.

Chancellor Merkel made her intentions clear; she opposes any such move and anyone that would issue such a directive is a dissenter.

Clearly, any dissent or insubordination must be dealt with harshly. In this case, however, that might be a very tricky thing to do. CSU has been the staunch ally of CDU for the last seven decades, and is a powerhouse of political influence in Bavaria. In the event of CSU leaving the government, CDU loses parliamentary majority.