Two rockets struck a training base south of Baghdad where U.S.-led coalition troops and NATO trainers are present, Iraq’s military said in a statement on Tuesday.

The rockets hit the Basmaya base outside of Baghdad on Monday evening. They impacted near a factory and what was described as agricultural land, but not where any troops were housed. The statement provided no further details.

This is the third attack on coalition troops in the past week. Since the end of October last year, there have been 24 rocket attacks on either the U.S. embassy in Baghdad or bases where coalition troops are deployed. These attacks on Iraqi sovereignty have killed three American military personnel, one female British soldier and one Iraqi soldier.

No one has claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks. However,  the U.S. has blamed Kata’ib Hizbollah, an Iranian-led militia part of the Hashd al-Shaabi PMF (Popular Mobilization Forces).