Short answer: Probably not.

Even as it appears more and more inevitable that a renewal of Western involvement in the ground war in Iraq is coming, there are no indicators that it would be anything other than a repeat of the later stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom. That means lots of heavy, high-profile armored vehicles (that tend to break early and often thanks to the weight involved), lots of high-profile heavy infantry (the U.S. and its allies have no proper light infantry), and all major decisions being made or run by officers isolated in air-conditioned TOCs, convinced that the fact they can watch wherever they want by Predator feed means they know and understand what is going on on the ground.

For all that the insurgency got driven underground in the later stages of OIF, it is obvious at this point that the entire COINeffort in Iraq was a failure.A repeat of the same performance can expect the same result.

A number of pundits are asking whether the U.S. and its allies are presently “winning” against Daash by way of airstrikes. The answer to that should be obvious, and was a foregone conclusion before the strikes even began. No war has yet been won entirely from the air, and with Daash’s prior experience, they have adapted quickly (almost as soon as the strikes started), leading to the distinct possibility that even the damage reported to have been done to Daash has been overstated.