With tensions ratcheting up between the Israelis and the leaders of the Palestinian groups in the West Bank and Gaza, yet another wave of violence appears imminent. 

Hamas officials have been vowing renewed violence for weeks as they have criticized Egyptian mediators who have been trying to hammer out a peace agreement. 

“We are considering options for an escalation with Israel in light of the continued siege of Gaza and the delay in rehabilitating the Strip,” an unnamed source said earlier in December to Al Jazeera. “We will not allow the current situation to continue, and the next phase will prove the credibility of our words.” Now it appears to be happening again.

Israeli troops killed a Palestinian after he fired at them from a passing vehicle outside of Ramallah. Earlier last week, Israeli troops killed a man who attempted to carry out a car-ramming attack in the West Bank. Last week, a Palestinian gunman killed an Israeli man near the unauthorized West Bank settlement outpost of Homesh.