Woke Democrats seem to be at war with femininity in the military although they were the ones demanding it in the first place.

The latest attack came a couple of days ago when a female Twitter user named Pardes Seleh compared a Russian military recruiting video to a new U.S. Army video. The U.S. Army video features a weirdly childish animated U.S. Army Cpl. Emma Malonelord. It relates that Emma had two mothers, marched for LGBTQ rights, graduated at the top of her class in high school, and decided that she was called to the Army to live her Leftist activist ideals.

Pardes, in combing the two ads together, made a clear point about what the U.S. military was hoping to fill its ranks with versus what the Russian military was aspiring to and they could not be more dissimilar.

Of course, Pardes being a woman could not stir the woke to action since, as a woman, she’s automatically a victim of misogynist oppression which places her beyond the woke baying and howling criticism.

Then Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) retweeted and commented on Selah’s tweet. And the woke-sphere went into apoplectic seizures over it.

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) replied to Cruz saying, “Holy crap. Perhaps a U.S. Senator shouldn’t suggest that the *Russian* military is better than the American military that protected him from an insurrection he helped foment.”

Former senate candidate and Marine Veteran Amy McGrath wrote, “Dear @tedcruz – you have no idea what being a warrior is all about. Signed, all women who have worn the uniform to protect your right to be an ass.”

And of course, VoteVets which is not funded by veterans but by Labor Unions and Environmental Groups, weighed in as well, “Ted Cruz attacks a U.S. Army soldier for telling her story, says he prefers Russians. Because Ted Cruz is a sedition-loving traitor.”

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Comments also exploded from thousands of other woke accounts accusing Cruz of being a “wimp,” “sissy,” “pussy” and all manner of other insults meant to imply that Senator Cruz was less than masculine because it seems being unmasculine is a very bad thing to the woke as well. Cruz was even accused of being “gay” which to the woke is somehow the ultimate slur signaling one’s emasculation.

If you think the woke sound like schizophrenics in the middle of a malaria-induced fever dream, rest assured you are not alone.

Of course, Senator Cruz did nothing to try to placate the woke warriors who left 37,000 plus comments on his retweet.

In fact, he doubled down.

Senator Cruz does have a point to make and so do I. It’s about woke Democrats pretending to be for women but talking out of both sides of their mouth about it. Out of one side, they claim they support and celebrate all things womanly but at the same time use femininity as a pejorative and a slur.

It cannot be truthfully said that the U.S. military is not making itself more “feminine’ in its scope and scale.

In 2020, the U.S. Army announced that new female recruits made up 18.1 percent of the active force and that Army Recruiting Command wanted that percentage to increase. Part of the plan to make that happen included putting more women on recruiting duty.

The military has also opened up combat jobs to women in all service branches. Women are even eligible to become Navy SEALs if they can pass the physical fitness standards.

It should not be controversial to say that when you have more women in the military you will have more femininity within the military as well. This is easily proven by the recent change in appearance standards that the Army has adopted regarding hairstyles, earrings, and make-up for women in the service who had complained the current masculine grooming standards stifled their femininity. The Army has also redesigned its uniforms, including maternity flightsuits, to accommodate female body shapes.

And the Army is on its way towards revising a male-normative Combat Fitness Test to accommodate women who are not able on the main to meet the standards. This acknowledges that there is a difference between masculinity and femininity in the physical abilities of men and women.

So, Senator Cruz is pretty much correct: The military is getting more feminine and it is doing so intentionally. You would think the Democrats and the woke Zombies who pushed this change on the military would jump up from the witness stand like Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men and scream, “YOU’RE GODDAM RIGHT I ORDERED THE CODE RED!”? After all, this is what they said they wanted. They have bitterly criticized the military for its “toxic masculinity” and for having a culture of sexual assault and demanded change. The kind of change displayed in the animated commercial featuring Cpl. Malonelord.

That commercial is not trying to recruit masculine men to join up, but feminine women. Cpl. Malonelord herself is presented as quite feminine, wearing minimal eye make-up and some lipstick in the commercial. But mention, as Cruz does, that this makes the military more feminine and the woke Army goes all wobbly and levels the charge that being feminine is somehow shameful and bad. While it also insists that the cure to toxic masculinity in the military is a great big heaping dose of femininity as we increase the number of women serving, to make it less of a Boy’s Club, you know?

So which is it going to be? Will Democrats and the woke embrace the femininity they have demanded the military moves towards or will they continue to act as if being feminine is some ugly social construct as evil and pernicious as they seem to think masculinity is?