A Malaysian man has been arrested in Karachi, Pakistan on Tuesday, trying to board a Thai airways flight. He was trying to bring what appear to be four Tokarev handguns onto the plane, as well as 7.62×25 pistol ammunition. As seen in the image below, the ammunition seems to have been wrapped in some kind of plastic wrap and stuffed into gouged out holes in the man’s shoes. Authorities counted approximately 70 rounds and eight magazines.

He attempted to smuggle all of this in his luggage and shoes, and became nervous when Pakistani authorities asked him to remove his shoes at the airport.

The Bangkok Post has reported that the man may have had ties to the Islamic State (IS), though it is unsure as to what his intentions were or even where he meant to go. His tickets reportedly took him to Bangkok, but only for a layover, as a means of transit to Malaysia. He was departing out of Jinnah International Airport, Pakistan’s busiest international airport when he was apprehended by Pakistani authorities.