Daniel Seth Franey, 33, of Montesano (served in the Army from 2002-2008) was charged with the possession of automatic weapons and other firearms after a year-long federal investigation. He is reported to have been working with an undercover agent illegally running and selling guns between California and Washington. He was banned from owning or possessing a gun following a federal protective order requested by his former girlfriend in 2014 for domestic abuse. Franey reportedly fired an AR-15 rifle and a fully automatic AK-47 during a trip with the undercover agent to Yakima in November. (Carter, 2016)

It appears that the gun charges and arrest may have prevented a possible terrorist attack on military or law enforcement. The FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force was alerted to Mr. Frency after he made several pro-ISIS comments and tried to purchase an AK-47, shotgun, and multiple handguns. The warrant was executed after his behavior was described as being more erratic over the past few weeks.

Here are some statements allegedly made by Daniel Franey:

“The officer reported that Franey described the Islamic State group as the “best people on Earth” and at one point described Osama bin Laden, the founder of al-Qaida and the architect of the Sept. 11 attacks, as a “diamond…a holy warrior. He’s a beautiful man.” (Carter, 2016)