Daniel Seth Franey, 33, of Montesano (served in the Army from 2002-2008) was charged with the possession of automatic weapons and other firearms after a year-long federal investigation. He is reported to have been working with an undercover agent illegally running and selling guns between California and Washington. He was banned from owning or possessing a gun following a federal protective order requested by his former girlfriend in 2014 for domestic abuse. Franey reportedly fired an AR-15 rifle and a fully automatic AK-47 during a trip with the undercover agent to Yakima in November. (Carter, 2016)

It appears that the gun charges and arrest may have prevented a possible terrorist attack on military or law enforcement. The FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force was alerted to Mr. Frency after he made several pro-ISIS comments and tried to purchase an AK-47, shotgun, and multiple handguns. The warrant was executed after his behavior was described as being more erratic over the past few weeks.

Here are some statements allegedly made by Daniel Franey:

“The officer reported that Franey described the Islamic State group as the “best people on Earth” and at one point described Osama bin Laden, the founder of al-Qaida and the architect of the Sept. 11 attacks, as a “diamond…a holy warrior. He’s a beautiful man.” (Carter, 2016)

“In recorded conversations, he made reference to possibly attacking soldiers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and traveling overseas to join the radical militants, but he variously also said he didn’t want to kill anyone and that he only wanted a gun to have at home for protection from law enforcement, the court papers say.” (Johnson, 2016)

“You know who I’m after—feds, pigs, politicians, bankers, policy makers, think tankers, the whole crew…Anyone who is not furthering the black flag (of ISIL),” he said. (Carter, 2016)

At this time, there have not been any terrorist-threat charges against Mr. Franey, only the gun-possession charges. He was recorded by an undercover agent making threats against the soldiers on Joint Base Lewis-McCord and  law enforcement based on his ISIS support and radicalized ideology. Why would he not be charged with at least making terrorist threats? He may not have had a set plan to commit the crimes, but he did show clear intent, opportunity based on his location, and the ability to commit them by seeking to acquire and obtain firearms.